The Digital Horizon: Reinventing Falls Prevention

Published on: 27th November 2023

The Digital Horizon: Reinventing Falls Prevention
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Approximately one in three people aged 65 and over falls at least once a year. This costs the NHS more than £2.3 billion annually and over £6 million every day. But beyond the financial costs, the impact of falls on older adults is serious. So much so they are the leading reason that older people lose their independence and go into long-term care. A fall will also often cause a downward spiral of fear, leading to inactivity, loss of strength and balance, and an increased risk of further falls. 

But as part of the wider revolution within the NHS, digital innovations are transforming how we measure, assess and deliver healthcare. And falls prevention is no different. At the forefront of this change is Steady On Your Feet, our unique digital and comprehensive platform that champions healthy ageing and effective falls prevention. Together with other online and web-based developments, it’s making a meaningful, personalised difference to individual health and driving measurable impact within communities.  

The Role and Benefits of Emerging Technologies

Emerging technologies like wearable devices, virtual reality, tele-rehabilitation, and smart home systems are subtly reshaping the realm of falls prevention. These technologies offer innovative ways to assess risks, engage older adults in preventive exercises, and enhance home safety. However, their true potential is only realised when they’re integrated into comprehensive platforms like Steady On Your Feet, which centralise and streamline access to tips, advice and resources.

Such interactive initiatives are making vital information and advice more readily available, which is particularly beneficial for individuals with limited access to in-person healthcare services. As well as allowing older adults to engage with resources from the comfort and safety of their homes, this accessibility also brings added inclusivity for those in remote or underserved communities.

Another significant benefit is personalised care. With an in-built and tailored self-assessment tool, Steady On Your Feet provides individualised falls prevention plans specific to a person’s unique needs. This makes the falls prevention approach much more effective. Similarly, these platforms facilitate more collaboration and integration among care providers, local stakeholders, and individuals, creating a community-driven approach that amplifies impact across entire healthcare systems. Backing this up is a whole host of data-driven insights; robust analytics enable evaluating strategies quicker and deeper than ever before, helping to inform continuous improvement and adapt to evolving needs.

Looking Forward

Digital platforms like Steady On Your Feet are not just tools; they represent a fundamental shift towards a more holistic, accessible, and community-focused approach to falls prevention. By leveraging digital technologies, these groundbreaking innovations are helping to address the financial challenges associated with falls, contributing to a more efficient and prevention-focussed health system. Even more important than that, they’re enhancing the overall well-being and quality of life for older adults.

Mark Easby, from Steady On Your Feet, said: “Falls lead to over 4 million hospital bed days annually in England, with the average system-wide cost totalling £21,120 per admission.

“Aligned to NICE guidelines, Steady On Your Feet offers a holistic approach to falls prevention and safer, healthier and more active living for the elderly. By streamlining efforts and reducing the strain on the NHS, our revolutionary platform is an effective and efficient innovation for trusts, care systems and local authorities – one where prevention is prioritised, and every step counts towards reducing the risk of falls.” 

To discover more about Steady On Your Feet and its transformative impact on falls prevention, head to  

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