Making Strides Towards Enhanced Fall Prevention in Northampton

Published on: 21st September 2022

Making Strides Towards Enhanced Fall Prevention in Northampton
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We are thrilled to unveil the launch of our Steady On Your Feet platform for Northamptonshire, marking another significant stride in our ongoing collaboration with NHS trusts and local authorities across the UK.

Delivered in partnership with North Northamptonshire Council, West Northamptonshire Council and Public Health Northamptonshire, Steady On Your Feet offers a comprehensive fall prevention solution tailored to meet the community's unique needs. This initiative highlights our commitment to promoting active and healthy living, especially among older individuals, by providing personalised plans, home hazard assessments, and strength and balance training resources.

Councillor Adam Brown, Cabinet member for health and wellbeing at West Northamptonshire Council, explains the importance of the platform: “Falls Prevention Awareness Week is the perfect time to introduce Steady On Your Feet to our residents. It’s all about understanding your risks and doing something about them to stay steady.”

Councillor Lizzy Bowen, Deputy Leader at West Northamptonshire Council, added: “Preventing falls is crucial as they are the most common cause of injury in people aged 65 and over. This platform is a great step forward to help our residents stay stronger for longer.”

The SteadyHub is a user-friendly web tool allowing locals to assess their fall risks and take actionable steps towards maintaining their independence and active lifestyle. Its launch in Northamptonshire increases our growing network of fall prevention platforms across the UK, each contributing to safer and healthier communities.

Mark Easby from Steady On Your Feet said: "The Northamptonshire launch is a testament to our vision of fostering a community where prevention is prioritised, and every step counts towards reducing the risk of falls.”

Steady On Your Feet integrates with existing fall prevention pathways, aligning with NICE guidelines to offer a holistic approach to fall prevention and active living for the elderly. It's not just a platform; it's a robust solution to reduce healthcare costs related to falls, showcasing the effectiveness and efficiency it brings to NHS trusts and local authorities.

Visit the new fall prevention SteadyHub platform for Northamptonshire and see how we are revolutionising fall prevention in their area.

For more information about Steady On Your Feet, visit the website.

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