How our digital platform is revolutionising falls prevention across the UK

Published on: 11th July 2024

How our digital platform is revolutionising falls prevention across the UK
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Across the UK, NHS trusts and local authorities are leveraging digital tools to transform falls prevention. The Steady On Your Feet platform has become a cornerstone in these efforts, offering comprehensive resources tailored to the unique needs of older adults and healthcare providers.

Our platform's main focus is older adults, who, through improved access to information, advice, guidance, and self-assessment tools, are empowered with access to personalised assessments and action plans that encourage active participation in their health management. This personalisation not only enhances engagement but also effectively reduces falls risk by addressing specific vulnerabilities, giving them a greater sense of control over their health.

For healthcare providers, NHS trusts and public health teams, our platform offers seamless integration with existing fall prevention pathways. This integration allows for streamlined pathways and more efficient resource allocation, improving the overall efficiency of healthcare services.

Kathryn Hodgson, Clinical Lead for Falls and Fracture Liaison Services at South Tees Hospitals NHS Trust explains:

“With Steady On Your Feet, older people now have greater access to falls prevention initiatives across the area to suit their own needs. This ensures the specialist falls team now sees only those with the most complex falls history. This service redesign showed the importance of collaborative working with a wide range of services and organisations to ensure an all-encompassing strategy.”

An additional priority for healthcare teams across the UK is the opportunity to centralise resources, facilitating a more coordinated approach to falls prevention. By consolidating information and tools, the platform ensures that all stakeholders have a focused, localised campaign and access to consistent, up-to-date strategies that are easy to implement and monitor.

Charlotte Richards, Programme Development Manager for NHS Bath and North East Somerset, Swindon and Wiltshire Integrated Care Board, explains:

“We are committed in Swindon to improving the wellbeing of our communities. I am really pleased that we are launching this new risk checker, which will help our residents to stay stronger for longer.

“This is a fantastic tool that supports our ambitions to reduce health inequalities and for people to enjoy healthy, safe, and independent lives, with timely and practical advice and support that is most suited to their needs.”

Although these features and benefits are powerful, it’s critical to measure impact and have access to data-driven insights to drive outcomes and continuous improvement. Our platform’s advanced analytics capabilities enable continuous monitoring and assessment of program effectiveness. Healthcare providers can track improvements in real-time, making data-informed decisions that enhance outcomes and optimise preventive strategies.

Embracing innovation and embedding our digital platform is proving effective for NHS trusts, local authorities, and end users across the UK. By promoting active, healthy ageing and improving accessibility to preventive resources, the platform is setting a new standard in falls prevention and leveraging digital technology to revolutionise falls prevention pathways.

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