Harnessing data to revolutionise falls prevention across the UK

Published on: 4th July 2024

Harnessing data to revolutionise falls prevention across the UK
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At Steady On Your Feet, we are committed to revolutionising falls prevention with our data-driven digital platform. Spanning regions such as South Tees, Devon, and beyond, we provide actionable insights to healthcare providers, helping them prevent falls and promote healthier, more independent living for the elderly.

Milestone Achievements:
Our collective platforms have achieved over 4,000 self-assessments, demonstrating widespread engagement and the effectiveness of our approach. This milestone not only reflects the trust in our solutions but also marks significant progress in community health management.

Data-Driven Insights:
Integration of Power BI tools allows us to monitor and analyse data effectively. We track user interactions across various sections of the platform, especially within the information, advice, and guidance sections. This helps us understand which resources are most utilised and valued by users.

User Engagement and Feedback:
Our dashboards provide ongoing access to key metrics such as total page views and device usage data. Insights from the self-assessment tools show how users interact with the platform, which informs continuous improvements in usability and accessibility.

Future Directions:
We are committed to further enhancing the platform by deepening the analytics capabilities and tailoring user experiences based on feedback. Our development roadmap is continuously updated with new features aimed at improving usability and expanding access, ensuring that our solutions meet the evolving needs of our users.

Effective falls prevention has the potential to significantly reduce healthcare costs. By supporting and optimising the falls pathway, our Steady On Your Feet platform provides evidence and impact that we are decreasing the number of falls and saving substantial resources, which can be redirected to other critical healthcare services.

By leveraging robust data analytics and user feedback, Steady On Your Feet continues to lead the way in preventive healthcare. Our commitment to improving the platform ensures that we remain at the forefront of falls prevention technology, making a measurable impact on the lives of the elderly across the UK.

For more information, please browse around our website or drop the team an email at info@steadyonyourfeet.org.  

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