Moving more: Improving mental health and falls prevention

Published on: 13th May 2024

Moving more: Improving mental health and falls prevention
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As we observe Mental Health Awareness Week, this year's theme emphasises "Movement: Moving more for our mental health." 

As the home of Mental Health Awareness Week, the Mental Health Foundation has been the UK’s leading charity for everyone’s mental health since 1949. With its vision for a world with good mental health for all, the organisation has prevention at the heart of what it does, aiming to find and address the sources of mental health problems so that people and communities can thrive.

At Steady On Your Feet, we recognise the critical connection between physical health and mental wellbeing, particularly in how falls prevention can support older adults not only physically but also mentally.

Many people struggle to get enough exercise, but being active is important for our mental health. Mental Health Awareness Week aims to help people find moments for movement in their daily routines, from going for a walk to chair exercises while watching television.

The Significance of Movement

Movement is vital for mental health. Regular physical activity can alleviate symptoms of depression, anxiety, and stress. For older adults, the fear of falling can significantly reduce their activity levels, which in turn impacts their mental health. By integrating falls prevention strategies, we encourage more movement, ensuring that older adults feel safer and more confident in their mobility.

Falls Prevention: A Dual Benefit

Implementing falls prevention strategies does more than reduce physical risks—it also offers substantial mental health benefits. Knowing they are less likely to fall, older adults are more likely to engage in physical activity, which boosts mood and overall mental health. Additionally, the social interaction involved in community-based falls prevention programs can combat loneliness, a key factor in mental health.

Supporting NHS Priorities

Aligning with the NHS's focus on prevention and self-care, our tools and resources empower older adults to proactively manage their health. This approach supports physical health and enhances mental well-being by promoting independence and reducing anxiety related to falls.

As we continue to support Mental Health Awareness Week, it’s important to remember the importance of holistic approaches in healthcare. By empowering people and creating an environment that reduces the fear of falling, we not only improve physical health but also enhance the mental well-being of our community, demonstrating the inseparable link between the mind and the body.

Let's move more, fear less, and support each other in every step of our health journey.

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