Aligning with National Priorities: NHS Confed's call for Care Closer to Home

Published on: 8th April 2024

Aligning with National Priorities: NHS Confed's call for Care Closer to Home
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As Steady On Your Feet prepares for NHS ConfedExpo 2024, we're keenly aware of the national conversation around healthcare priorities, especially as they align with our mission of fall prevention and promoting self-care for ageing adults. A recent publication by the NHS Confederation has highlighted several priorities for the new government, among which "Provide more care closer to home" resonates deeply with our goals and values.

This priority emphasises the importance of treating individuals as close to home as possible, an approach that not only aligns with patient preferences but is also cost-effective and efficient for the NHS. By focusing on early intervention and continuous care within the community, the NHS aims to reduce the demand on hospital and emergency services. This approach is backed by compelling evidence; for every £1 invested in primary and community care, £14 is added to the economy, showcasing the profound impact of upstream investment in healthcare.

Steady On Your Feet champions this shift towards more accessible, community-based care. Our falls prevention and healthy ageing initiatives are designed to empower individuals to manage their health effectively in their homes and local communities. By leveraging innovative solutions and fostering strong partnerships, we aim to contribute to the broader goal of enhancing primary and community care, ultimately leading to a healthier, more sustainable healthcare system.

Innovation and Collaboration: A Path Forward

The NHS Confederation's call for a new social contract and a more active partnership between the public and the NHS echoes our belief in collaborative care. The emphasis on reducing the administrative burden on local systems to foster innovation aligns with our approach to developing and implementing solutions that are both effective and adaptable to the needs of ageing adults.

Moreover, the focus on mental health and the proposed Mental Health Bill highlights the interconnectedness of physical and mental well-being, an aspect crucial to our work in falls prevention. By supporting initiatives that promote mental health and well-being, we can address comprehensive health needs, contributing to the overall resilience and health of the community.

As we look forward to participating in NHS ConfedExpo 2024, we are inspired by the NHS Confederation's insights and recommendations. We see a future where our efforts in falls prevention and self-care for ageing adults align with national healthcare priorities, driving forward a vision of care that is accessible, effective, and centred on the needs and preferences of the community.

Join Us in Shaping the Future

We invite our partners, clients, and the wider healthcare community to join us in this important conversation at NHS ConfedExpo 2024. Together, we can explore innovative solutions, forge meaningful connections, and contribute to a healthcare system that truly meets the needs of every individual, especially our ageing population.

To learn more about Steady On Your Feet and our falls prevention platform, please visit Let's work together to make a lasting impact on falls prevention and healthy ageing.

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