A Dublin Adventure: Our Steady Step into Ireland with the Northern Powerhouse

Published on: 20th October 2023

A Dublin Adventure: Our Steady Step into Ireland with the Northern Powerhouse
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Last week was another milestone for us at Steady On Your Feet as we packed our bags and jetted off to the Emerald Isle to be part of something big.

The Northern Powerhouse trade mission, a program run by the Department of Business and Trade, is about venturing into new territories, and what better place than Dublin to continue our growth journey.

The whole idea behind the Northern Powerhouse is to stoke the economic furnace in the North of England, and key to that is helping businesses like ours sail into international waters. The UK and Ireland have always had a unique economic partnership, so making a beeline for the Irish market seemed like a natural step in our ambition to spread our wings and tap into fresh opportunities.

The mission had us wearing two hats. On the one hand, we wanted to push the boundaries for Steady On Your Feet, our falls prevention solution. The platform has been making an impact with a number of NHS Trusts and Local Authorities back home, and the thought of taking it international had us all excited. With its pulsing business heart, tech-savvy attitude and innovative health hub, Dublin provided just the right landscaping for showcasing this revolutionary tool. On the other, we were keen on exploring opportunities for our agency, especially after successful partnerships with clients in the USA and Europe.

The city of Dublin isn’t just rich in history; it’s a hotbed for business innovation. The city's tech scene is exciting, and its strategic spot on the map makes it a golden gateway for us to reach further into the international market.

Both in the boardrooms and in the bars, including my first (and, I’m afraid to say, my last) pint of Guinness, the trade mission offered the chance for some structured networking and presentations, a site tour of the impressive Guinness Enterprise Centre and a chance to meet some of their high-growth tenants. Of course, as with all trips like this, much of the real magic happens after hours with a chance to spend some quality time building relationships and exploring partnerships with the 12 other exciting entrepreneurs from the Northern Powerhouse region.  

One particular highlight for me was our visit to the Health Cluster at the GEC. This melting pot of innovation and collaboration among startups, medical practitioners, and patients ignites innovation across healthcare – exactly the type of cluster we need to be part of as we develop our vision for Steady On Your Feet.

We were all about forging new relationships and collaborations while getting our creative juices flowing. The presentations with key stakeholders, enterprise agencies and some industry bigwigs also gave us a peek into the rules and trade policies in the Irish market.

I returned with my head buzzing with ideas and gratitude towards the Department of Business and Trade for opening this door for us. It’s a big world out there, and we’re still just getting started on discovering what’s in store for Better in these new markets.

So, here’s to many more adventures, new connections, and continuing our journey as a global brand agency. And, of course, to expand the potential horizons for, Steady On Your Feet. 

After being asked to join the 2023/24 Export Champion programme for the Department for Business and Trade, I’m privileged to be part of the 400-strong network of business leaders across the UK. As part of the programme, we aim to inspire and encourage others to maximise their export potential, including supporting the department’s trade promotion activity and the ‘Made in the UK, Sold to the World’ campaign.



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